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We begin our process by defining our goals and objectives. Whether this be to buy, sell, or both. We establish your objectives for the short term and long term and find a plan of action that makes sense for all parties involved. Then we establish a timeline for the current market conditions.

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In the research phase we begin with a site tour of your property and finding the highest and best agricultural use case. We then create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report. This report is an in-depth comparison of active listings and sold listings in your area. The next step would be to strategize a competitive list price. Through our industry contacts, we’re able to keep informed on what market trends are indicating for agricultural real estate. This knowledge is critical in establishing a list price as we want to be priced for the market that is coming, not for the market that has passed.

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In the marketing phase we gather our professional photo, video, and drone assets. The weather plays a critical role in the quality of our shoots, so we take advantage of the sunny days as they come. We then optimize these assets for our various presentation channels to ensure maximum exposure. These assets are also converted into print material and distributed in the target area.

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The presentation step is when we go live with our marketing materials on our website, network, social media, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Commercial Listing Service (CLS) and more. This exposure is repeated periodically and amplified by events such as the Pacific Agriculture Show, Annual Flyers, and Monthly Newsletters. This is also when we educate interested parties about our properties’ highest and best use cases.

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Open communication between our team and our clients is essential. As showings proceed, we provide our clients with immediate feedback and if we are not getting offers, a discussion must be had in regards to our strategy moving forward. Reviewing a Comparative Market Analysis monthly allows us to ensure we are on the right path. All offers are presented as soon as they are received, and we provide our personal recommendations for each offer as it comes. In the due diligence phase, we ensure your interests are protected and that you have access to the best industry contacts available.

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This is when we’ve successfully removed subjects and are looking forward to the final steps towards completion. It’s a momentous occasion when a sale is completed, however we understand the frustration when it does not go the way we had hoped. This is when we go back to the Review Step and adjust our strategy. We aim to grow our relationships with our past clients over the years by continuing to service them in any way possible. Whether they require evaluations, contacts, or advice, we look forward to assisting them or their family and friends with that same level of service every single time.

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