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We start by determining the purpose behind your purchase. This often allows us to address any misunderstandings of zoning, by-law, and land use restrictions on agricultural properties. Then we review your timeline and financial feasibility to make sure there are no unexpected delays or costs.

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When selecting your criteria, your preferred location is the most important consideration. We then select acreage size, land type, house details, building details, and other specific needs. It is essential to have some flexibility in your criteria as the availability of acreages is much more limited than residential properties.

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Our team will be comparing your criteria constantly to properties on and off the market. We also leverage our internal database of acreage owners who have expressed interest in receiving offers. When you select a property that you like, we review this property in-depth until we are ready to schedule a showing. We continue to narrow down our options until you feel confident in making an offer.

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To select a purchase price, we begin by reviewing market trends and comparable sold properties. Our goal is to be competitive but also get the best price possible. Other factors we can adjust to make an impact include deposit, dates, terms, and conditions. Since we represent our clients as a team, we can leverage our entire team’s experience to ensure every phase of the negotiation process moves forward favorably.

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After receiving an accepted offer, we enter the due diligence phase. This is when we connect you with our industry contacts for inspections, services, and products. Most of our contacts are specialized in agriculture, ensuring you have relevant and in-depth insights on your purchase. We then move towards removing subjects, submitting your deposit, and begin conveyancing.

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Before completion our team will ensure that all legal and financial obligations have been met. It’s a momentous occasion when a sale is completed, however we understand there may be setbacks due to the many moving pieces involved in purchasing an acreage. Even after completion, we aim to grow our relationships with our clients over the years by continuing to service them in any way possible. Whether they require evaluations, contacts, or advice, we look forward to assisting them or their family and friends with that same level of service every single time.

To find the property best suitable for you, fill in the required information or simply get in touch with a member of the Farms In BC Real Estate Group.

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